WE ARE MOVING! We have started to move to 125 E. Main St. Barrington, IL 60010, where we will be opening a retail store in late November. Our inventory is currently split between two states, so some orders will be delayed, or be shipped in two shipments. Please have patience with us as we navigate through the chaos of an interstate move with a business and a household.



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Essential Oil Safety for Cats and Humans by Solario

Essential Oil Safety for Cats and Humans by Solario

Greetings, humans. My name is Solario. My favorite thing besides salmon treats and my water bowl is MY MOMMY! I love her head. I love sleeping on ...


Here at Kamala’s Own, we sell a very broad range of oils. We organize our oils alphabetically according to their category. This is true both on the website and at all of the fairs at which we sell. I’d like to take a few minutes to explain each category in detail.

Outlander Scents!

I have been commissioned to make Outlander scents for a travel company which takes folks to Scotland on Outlander themed tours. In the works are oi...

All Scents Change on Your Skin

Often I hear the complaint that a scent doesn't last on a person's skin, or that it smells different than it does in the bottle, or on another pers...

Why Did My Favorite Scent Change?

Why Did My Favorite Scent Change? an article by Dana Gass (Kamala)  edited 5/24/17 Having been in the aromatherapy and scent business for over 30 ...

Summer orders

For those of you who have placed orders on the website during my crazy renaissance fair season, it may surprise you to know that I am, in fact, one...