Our Barrington store is at 125 E. Main St. in downtown Barrington, IL. We are open Tuesday-Saturday 10-6 and Sunday 12-5.


I don't want to order on the internet. How else can I place an order?

You can call us at (877) 424-1963 from 10-7 every day except Monday.  We also have a retail store at 125 E. Main St., Barrington, IL 60010.

What is aromatherapy?

Aromatherapy is the art and science of healing with essential oils. Methods of application are diffusion, inhalation, hydrotherapy (baths and showers with scented soaps), and skincare (lotions, creams, and serums). Essential oils should NOT be ingested.

What are essential oils?

Essential oils are substances which are extracted from specific species of plants often via steam distillation.  It takes 25-2,000 POUNDS of plant material to make only ONE OUNCE of essential oil.  That is why essential oils are highly concentrated and need to be diluted before use on the skin.  That is also why they should NOT be ingested.

Are your oils therapeutic grade?

The term "therapeutic grade" is a marketing term made up by a large multi-level marketing company.  It has no meaning whatsoever. 

Are your oils organic?

There are over 16 pesticides approved for use on "organic" crops in the USA. Also, standards of what is organic differ from country to country. "Organic" is another term which has dubious meaning in the USA. That said, many of our essentials oils are organic.  When our essential oils are organic, it will be labeled as such.  

What do you dilute your oils with?

Our essential oils are sold undiluted. We suggest using either refined Sesame oil or Jojoba oil to dilute your essential oils, both of which are sold here on our online store.

Where do you source your oils?

Kamala has been in business for 37 years now and has long standing relationships with dozens of different sources from around the world.  She is constantly looking to improve the quality of her offerings.

What do you mean by Fragrance oil and Perfume oil?

A fragrance oil is a fragrant oil which is designed in a laboratory by trained professionals. It is synthetic and is made to smell good only; not to have a therapeutic effect. A perfume oil is a blend made by Kamala which contains both essential oils and fragrance oils.

 Do you have Patchouli?

Yes. If you type Patchouli into our search engine, you will find many Patchouli products.

Which oils are safe to diffuse?

We recommend that you only diffuse essential oils and aromatherapy blends.  We also recommend that you only diffuse for an hour or two at a time, with a three hour break between diffusion sessions.  DO NOT diffuse around children under the age of 6, birds, rabbits, or other highly sensitive animals.  See our article about cats in the BLOG section of this website.

How should I store my oils?

Light and heat degrade oils.  If you keep your oils in a drawer in an air conditioned home, they will last much longer.  Storing oils in a motor vehicle is not recommended.  Citrus oils and any blend containing citrus oils will go rancid much more quickly than others. A good rule of thumb is that if your oils are older than two years, they need to be replaced.

Do you have Thieves oil?

Thieves is a blend made by a multi-level marketing corporation.  We do have our version of that blend (created before Thieves) called Well Being.

 How do I get a custom scent made?

Call us at (877) 424-1963 and tell us what you're looking for, or come into our Barrington, IL store. This website cannot handle custom work.  Be aware that all custom work requires prepayment.

Can I get free samples?

The simple answer is no. This question devalues the decades of research, experimentation, and investment of time, money, and emotional labor on the part of Kamala and her beloved minions. Sample sizes are available for sale on both the online store and in our retail store. 

Why is this product this price?

Our prices are based on 1) what we pay for the ingredients, 2) how difficult the ingredients are to source, and 3) how difficult the product is to make.

Do you ever have sales?

Our sales are advertised on Facebook and Instagram. We occasionally send out emails about them as well or talk about them on Tiktok.