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Kamala's Own

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You are dying. Your body has lost the ability to feel and you have disconnected from everything you know. Familiar faces and places fade from your grasp. Just as your fear feels like it will overwhelm you, there is a large, black wolf which appears, wagging his tail and beckoning you to follow. You follow because you don’t know anything else to do. You are now pure soul, looking down at your body. The wolf you are following morphs into a tall, muscular man. His oiled skin gleams ebony and his gold bracelets and anklets clink as he walks.  His manner is somber yet somehow infinitely tender. He explains that he is about to weigh your soul, yet you are also watching him bathe, anoint, and wrap your body. You ask yourself how any human can possibly be that tender. The answer comes to you instantly even though you didn’t think you spoke your question aloud. He’s not human; he’s a god. His name is Anpu but most know him as Anubis. You see scales, hear music, and smell myrrh. Then you see Anubis morph back into the large canine, and you see that he is guarding your grave. Forever. 

My blend for Anubis, the Egyptian god of the Underworld starts with a subtle bouquet of herbs and fig. It continues  with resins and precious White Lotus. The base is composed of many types of Myrrh. This is a deep and enduring blend which takes time to mature on your skin.