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Nose Training sampler One

Kamala's Own

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This sampler pack contains six samples of essential oils meant to be sniffed to train your nose to recognize scents. Sniffing aromas from several different scent families has shown promise in helping people with anosmia and parosmia. It is meant to be used after using Nose Training Sampler Pack 1 for several weeks.  These two samplers can also be used to help train your nose to recognize scents from different aroma families.

The spice family is represented by Thyme,

a strong, aromatic herb known for being

helpful in lessening symptoms of colds and flu.

The flower family is represented by

Jasmine Absolute diluted in jojoba oil.

Jasmine has a reputation for easing anxiety

and promoting self confidence.

The fruity family is represented by

Tangerine, a gentle citrus oil which

is good for calming children.

The camphoraceous family is

represented by Camphor itself,

long used as a potent decongestant.

The resinous family is represented by

Elemi, a substance known for balancing

the emotions.

The earth family is represented by

Vetiver, a tropical grass with long, slender

roots which actually bind the soil together.