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Kamala's Own

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The fifth NEW Kamala’s Own creation of 2021 is here! Al-Dahr is a Middle Eastern fantasy of epic proportions. It is based in an idea I read about of a medieval scent made in Morocco and Spain which had Ambergris as a base note and Camphor as a top note. My imagination spun this into a desert romance with veils blowing in hot wind and kohl eyed beauties. Al-Dhar means ‘timeless’ or ‘forever’ in Arabic and what makes this scent so stunning is the blend of seven Ouds in its middle note. I am introducing it at an insanely inexpensive price. The price will go up in approximately ten days, so grab some of this treasure while it’s still a bargain.

the *feeling* I am getting is if Primal Feminine is that raw sensuality that comes from confidence and knowing yourself - Al-Dar is the darker side of that almost the predator side with the hinting promise of safety regardless...
it's a very "down the rabbit hole"
"go big or go home" feeling

which is totally intoxicatingly erotic—LF, Wisconsin