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Anxiety Comforter

Kamala's Own

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Anxiety Comforter used to be known as Anxiety Attacker. It is a simple blend of essential oils like Sage and Jasmine designed to be calming. It has helped many people with anxiety issues, including social anxiety.

Anxiety Comforter - I do not think I could manage my anxiety attacks without it. It helps me with job interviews and nights when my mind is whirling a million miles a second.—CM, Wisconsin 

This one has really been a help to me ever since I 'discovered' it a few years ago. And it smells lovely!—JT, Illinois

I've visited their shop at the Bristol faire for 15+ years. The quality of product and service has always been top notch. This past summer, I picked up a a roller ball bottle of Anxiety Attacker, and it has been amazing at knocking down the brain static that builds as anxiety hits, allowing me the time needed to refocus.--MK, Wisconsin

We bought (among many things) a bottle of Anxiety Comforter at Faire. My daughter  has gone through many blends with many people looking for the exact right thing to work for her to ease her perfection anxiety with ballet. She has decided yours is her overwhelming favorite! Plus she loves the pink sparkly cap. She's so happy you make such a perfect oil. AND that she can always get more!
Thank you! —LS, Wisconsin 

 I just got an aromatherapy diffuser, so I dug up my old collection of your oils. After a test run with pure lavender oil, I used three drops of aged Anxiety Attacker. And Oh. My. Goddess. My room smells like green tea with jasmine...you know, the really good kind. So, thank you!--RG, Illinois

I, LITERALLY bathe in this
As a shower soap.
I have also put it into a massage oil to use as a body oil after a shower.—LF, Wisconsin 

Always dilute your essential oils in an unscented carrier oil like Sesame or Jojoba. Do not take essential oils internally.

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