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Kamala's Own Perfumery

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On a magical Halloween evening, I attended an even more magical costume ball complete with a spooky organ concert. While I was wrapped up in the music, eyes closed, transported to a daydream world of my own creation, a scent wafted over me that was unlike anything I was expecting from the evening, and unlike anything I’d ever smelled. My eyes snapped open, I grabbed my phone, and started to take notes on my impression of the scent. My reaction was so dramatic that my husband whispered to me to check if I was feeling ill. 

Later, I found that the scent had been emanating from a friend of mine when he came over to hug me after the concert. He generously gave me a sample of what he was wearing and Ascending is my riff on that perfume.

Ascending is a surprising combination of scents I never expected to harmonize together. Maybe it is that pulling together of opposing forces which makes it somehow familiar and comforting. It starts out with an enticing spark of Mandarin and Cinnamon. Those notes are only enhanced when the Lavendin and Ho wood rise to greet you. Ascending truly earns its title though, when rather than relying on heavy musks and resins to anchor it, the fragrance spreads wings of Vanilla and Atlas Cedar to fly you to your dreams.