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Baba Yaga

Kamala's Own Perfumery

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At first blush, Baba Yaga seems to be an evil witch who lives deep in the forests of Eastern Europe in her sentient house which can walk on its bony chicken legs. She can also fly through the skies in an iron mortar wielding a pestle as a deadly weapon. Baba Yaga will happily eat other humans who don’t follow her rules.  However, Slavic folk tales seem to hint at a far more ancient character here; perhaps an agricultural goddess to whom blood sacrifices were given, or a goddess of death. Her name might mean either ‘Grandmother Witch’ or ‘Grandmother Death.’ 

The origins of Baba Yaga are undoubtedly ancient and her lore is heavily tinged with misogyny. In modern times though, Baba Yaga has become an empowering symbol for women who choose to live outside the norms of society. The mortar and pestle has become a symbol of healing and of herbalism. Scholars note that she is a figure of justice and discipline, and that she tends to help in a positive transformation of the hero in her stories. 

My scent for Baba Yaga invites you into the hut with Pink Peppercorn and comforting Allspice. She settles you down with Parsley and Rose Geranium. In the end, you surrender to that curiously rooted feeling in layers of earthy, dark moss and mushroom.