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Bay Laurel (Laurus nobilis), organic from Spain

Bay Laurel (Laurus nobilis), organic from Spain

Kamala's Own

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The benefits of Bay Laurel were chronicled by the ancient Greeks in many different manuscripts. The Greeks associated Bay Laurel with the god Apollo; god of light, poetry and prophecy. Laurel wreaths crowned the brows of triumphant athletes as well as esteemed poets. The leaves were burned by the Oracle of Delphi as an aid to her prophecies. Bay Laurel gained a reputation in the ancient world for triumph, prophecy, peace, and protection.

Some of the chemicals present in the essential oil of Bay Laurel are a-pinene, b-pinene, myrcene, limonene, linalool, neral, a-terpineol, eugenol, geranyl acetate. When one inhales the intense scent of Bay Laurel, one notices a hint of lemon and a distinct impression of herbaceous pine.

Bay Laurel is warming, antispasmodic, and stimulating to the circulation. Diluted into a massage oil, it can help with muscle pain, sprains, strains, neuralgia, menstrual cramps, and arthritis. In addition, it drains lymph and acts as a liver tonic.

Being antiseptic and antibacterial, Bay Laurel seems to work especially well for the scalp. A few drops can be added to any shampoo to prevent hair loss and dry scalp.

The rejuvenating scent of Bay Laurel has an opening and warming effect on the respiratory system. It can be diluted in sesame oil and rubbed on the chest for colds, flu, and fevers. Bay Laurel can also be used as an insect repellent.

Psychologically, Bay Laurel stimulates courage and self-esteem. It especially helps people who have lost confidence in their own abilities, and need a sense of purpose and direction. Bay Laurel can inspire such people by stimulating the intellect and improving memory. When the intellect is engaged and confidence is restored, such people can aspire to use their talents in a new and productive manner.

Here at Kamala's Own, Bay Laurel is an ingredient in our Immunity aromatherapy blend, our Hermes deity blend, and our Brow chakra blend.

Always dilute your essential oils in an unscented carrier oil like Sesame or Jojoba. A good general rule is 10 drops per ounce of carrier oil. Do not take essential oils internally. Always store essential oils out of heat and sunlight. Keep essential oils away from children. This oil should not be used by pregnant or nursing women.

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