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Belly Dance Sampler

Kamala's Own

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Our Belly Dance sampler contains our six Rhythm blends:

Ayoub is designed to evoke a simple yet vivacious Middle Eastern drum rhythm. When I play Ayoub on my doumbek, I feel fizzy and primal.  When I dance to it, the feeling is ancient; I envision my foremothers in the desert using rhythm and dance to bond the tribe together. The scent is exotic with spices and Musk, yet subtle with Sandalwood and Frankincense.

Beledi is made to capture the spirit of a Middle Eastern drum rhythm. The word 'beledi' means "my home village" according to what I’ve heard. The rhythm is the most widely known belly dancing beat in the Western world and is considered earthy and classic. I feel that Beledi is like a summons to the drum circle; a rhythm of welcoming and belonging.  The scent incorporates Sudanese Frankincense and Patchouli as some of its key ingredients.

Ghawazi is a spicy floral scent which is one of my personal favorite perfumes. Its major ingredients are Mystic Sandalwood and Patchouli. The word Ghawazi originally referred to a style of dance and the dancer who performed it. The style is derived from the country rather than the city, and has no elements of modern dance added to it. The ghawazi as a people are considered to be non-Arabic, and may be a subculture of the Roma. Ghawazi the drum rhythm has a deep, soulful feeling to it, and is one of my favorite rhythms to play.

Kashlimah is a bouncy and fun Middle Eastern drum rhythm. When I play it, I start swaying back and forth because the rhythm requires you to shift your focus back and forth across your drum. This rhythm can be slow or fast; simple or more complex. It’s very versatile. I made this blend to express that swaying spirit.  It contains Wisteria and Amber as its major ingredients and makes a lovely, light, yet exotic perfume. 

Samai is the name of a Middle Eastern drum rhythm which is complex and loops in upon itself. It’s the longest rhythm I know.  Although any repetitive drum rhythm can be used to enter a trance like state, I personally find that Samai does that to me more quickly and more often than other rhythms  I turned that mystic feeling of playing Samai into this layered and complex scent full of Golden Sandalwood and Tonka.

Serto is a blend made to evoke a Greek drum rhythm. The rhythm is one which feels very community oriented to me. In my head, I see an intimate coffee house with a tiny stage meant for just couple of musicians and one dancer; the idea being that the audience and the dancer become one as everyone feels inspired to dance. Rhythm and dance create the ideal atmosphere for community!   This blend makes you want to dance with Coffee, sandalwood, and musk.