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Kamala's Own

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Have you ever looked at your partner or a very close friend and wondered how they could possibly say the nonsensical words which just came out of their mouth? Whether those words were spoken in anger, pain, fear, fatigue, hunger, or just plain carelessness,   sometimes it’s tough to find forgiveness, feel compassion, and move on. Remembering the love that keeps you close can be an effort at times. That’s when Belonging enters the scene. 

Belonging is composed of essential oils which are meant to help you remember all those positive feelings which drew you to this wonderful human in the first place—you know— the ones that keep you in a relationship with them despite occasional upsetting issues. Belonging starts out with soothing Roman Chamomile and happily drifts into a joyful mélange of precious Tuberose and Lavender. A bit later, it wraps you in a warm hug of Vanilla and rare Keora. Belonging reminds you of the value of honesty in healthy relationships and that all relationships endure storms. Belonging is that feeling of strength and solidarity which comes after the emotional storm. May peace reign in all our relationships. 

“Even though scents can mean different things to different people, I'd say you'd definitely remained consistent in creating what would be that universal effect for most individuals with each blend you craft.  "Belonging" absolutely hit the mark.
Here is what came to mind when I first experienced the scent of "Belonging:"
Love unconditional, Unity wins.
Trust now restored, Healing begins.”—KB, Wisconsin