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Boudoir Sampler Pack

Kamala's Own

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Tin of 6 samples

This is a small metal tin with six sample bottles inside (a sample is 1/32 oz.--very tiny). The six oil blends are:


1) Romance--the eye that catches yours, the shy smile, the sense of heat, the sudden burst of conversation and shared interests...this is Romance. Major ingredients are pure Otto of Rose and Vanilla. This is a sweet and happy expression of attraction and joy in pure essential oils.


2) Tea Rose--A classic blend of rose fragrance oils made to evoke the tradition of Victorian valentines: our most popular rose scent.


3) Heart Chakra--Pure White Champa and precious Tuberose dance with other pure essential oils to create a blend for your heart. This blend helps to open your heart center and balance it, making you ready for love.


4) Seduction--A sexy blend of Patchouli and Coconut, this perfume helps send a definite sensual vibe out there!


5) Potion of Luuv--Twenty different essential oils considered aphrodisiacs cavort in this blend that often has heads whipping around in the grocery store or elsewhere. Major ingredients are Jasmine, Patchouli, and Sweet Orange. Potion of Luuv has inspired quite a few marriage proposals over its 24 year history.


6) Satyr--Pull out all the stops, baby! This one is nicknamed the "sex potion." One of the first people to take it home reported that he and his lover didn't come out of the bedroom for three days!