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Kamala's Own

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Daath, or Da'at is  sometimes referred to as the hidden Sephira in the Kabbalistic Tree of Life.  It bridges the gap between Chochmah and Binah; that abyss between inspiration and development.  Daath represents the bringing of a concept into reality.  It is a scary place in which one takes a poetic leap to midwife an idea into a practical entity.  The oils in this blend include Dragon's Blood and Frankincense.  It is an earthy scent made to bring about a transcendent, meditative experience.

I just wanted to write you to thank for the labor of love you performed in formulating the Kabbalistic oils. I am supremely happy with this oil. I have been wearing it on my Adam's apple as a way of helping to balance the center which with Da'ath corresponds in the human body. Aside from the fact that its beautiful fragrance lasts all day, I feel that it is having the intended effect and helping me to cross over a threshold I have been stumbling over for quite some time. I also love your Rose incense: very fragrant and potent. You do wonderful work. Keep it up!--DN, Illinois