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Do You Have Any Scents for Men?

Kamala's Own

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tin of 6 samples

Kamala is often asked this question, and to this end, she put together this sampler pack of her most popular men's scents. Any person can wear any scent any time. However, traditionally, men's scents feature large amounts of musks, earthy tones such as Vetiver or Patchouli, and herbs such as Sage or Rosemary. The scents in this tin are:

Buccaneer: A swashbuckling sort of scent created to bring out your inner adventurer! This scent features Clove and Tobacco.

Cap'N Jack: Originally made for the charming man who portrayed a Jack Sparrow-ish character at the Colorado Renaissance Festival, this is Kamala's most complex scent yet. A virtual riot of spices meld with tea, coffee, and leather in a rogue's delight of fragrance!

Dionysus: This is a truly intoxicating scent to honor the Greek god of wine, merry making, and theater. Dionysus was supposed to take away anxieties, so this scent features essential oils of Cognac and Nutmeg as some of its more interesting ingredients.

Hunter: This scent is one of Kamala's classic creations, and one of her favorite things to smell on a man. Hunter is a traditionally masculine blend dominated by Patchouli and Clove.

Osiris: This scent honors the Egyptian god of the afterlife, also known to rule the agricultural cycles and the annual flooding of the Nile. The scent idea originally came from a dear friend of Kamala's, but has been altered over the years due to availability of ingredients. Osiris is a sweeter sort of scent blended with Frankincense and Amber.

Scrub Oak: Kamala went walking through Garden of the Gods in Colorado Springs on an early spring day and smelled the nascent buds of this mountain tree which inspired this scent. It is a very simple blend meant to invoke a sense of being at peace with oneself and nature: a naturally masculine image.

Center definitely works when you're feeling out of tune.  The vol.1 scent pack I got for men is phenomenal!! I love every single one! I'm really glad I found yall at the bristol renaissance faire! --C.A., Wisconsin