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Do You Have Any Scents for Men Sampler--Volume 2

Kamala's Own

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This convenient tin contains samples vials of:

GREEN MAN—Dance with the Lord of the Forest in my Oakmoss and Heather masculine fantasy of a scent.

LORD JOHN GREY—The character of Lord John Grey in the Outlander novels is a master diplomat. He is also clever, compassionate, and loyal. Rich with Bergamot and Chamomile, this scent is sure to say all the right things.

MARCO NOIR—His scent is disciplined yet alluring with notes of precious Oud, teas, and spices. This blend has many layers which don’t reveal themselves quickly.  It must be worn to be experienced!

ROGUE—Rogue is a brash and fun men's scent containing Patchouli and Leather as its major notes.  It is a favorite of a certain renaissance fair jouster we know.

“Rogue will give you the courage to talk to the sexiest woman in the room and the confidence to slay the biggest baddest dragon to earn her heart! That is why it is my favorite scent that you make.”—PQ, Colorado 

SHIVA—Shiva is a complex and fascinating Hindu god. He is the wild man of the forest whose matted hair and animal skins express a passionate commitment to his meditations. He is often depicted as half male and half female and dancing, known as Nataraj. He lets Kali, the goddess of destruction and rebirth sit on top of him as he reclines. He drank poison out of the ocean to save the world. His sacred essential oil blend includes Patchouli and Calamus. Indulge in wild forms of meditation when you wear this blend.

VATICAN CAMEOS—In Arthur Conan Doyle's Sherlock Holmes stories, and in the modern BBC Sherlock series, 'Vatican Cameos' is the secret phrase used between Holmes and Watson to put them into defensive warrior mode. Vatican Cameos oil blend is made to evoke the spirit of Sherlock Holmes: his daring, brilliance, elegance, and mercurial nature. The scent scintillates with smoke, tea, and Bay Rum oils.

“I am a big fan of Kamala's Own "Vatican Cameos". The fragrance is unisex, lovely on both men and women. It's herbal and antique-y without being either medicinal or musty. I get compliments every time I wear it!”—JM, Illinois