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Kamala's Own

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Kamala’s Fearless is the first new scent of 2020! Huzzah! This is a blend designed to make you feel more at ease in your own skin. Our modern world is full of things which can frighten us: from global issues like climate change to intimate personal issues like illness and death. The intent of Fearless is to be a comfort to your heart during times of stress, fear, and grief. Major ingredients are Vanilla and  Frankincense. Face the world bravely with Kamala’s Fearless. 

Thank you for the Fearless blend to help me get through knee replacement and the challenging exercises to build up again. You are a master.--KM, Colorado

Smells like freshly baked cookies, if freshly baked cookies made you invincible.—NM, Wisconsin 

Fearless is one of my favorites: for me, it goes on with a sharper scent to wake me and my senses up, then the mellow frankincense takes over and lasts for a nice long while. A good one for a difficult day at work.

—JT, Illinois

I wanted to let you know that the Fearless helped me out last night--the neighbors were shooting off fireworks. My dog became very frightened. I grabbed the Fearless, dabbed a bit on both of us, and in under five minutes he relaxed and fell asleep. Thank you! —FJ, Illinois

I am *in love* with Fearless. I'm am singing it's praises to everyone. I added it to a carrier that is two parts jojoba and one part olive oil and it's my night oil for my hands and all other dry spots, I rub it in just before going to sleep and then wake up to it's heavenly scent as I rise to face the day. I have no idea how a scent can feel like being wrapped up in the softest of angel wings, held in utter love and safety, while also making you feel you have the strength to take on what once scared you, but that's Fearless. I'm soooo in love!—JH, Illinois