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Fennel (Foeniculum vulgare var. dulce) non-sprayed, India

Fennel (Foeniculum vulgare var. dulce) non-sprayed, India


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The green seeds of Fennel are familiar to us in Italian sausages, cookies, and dessert recipes. However, the essential oil of Fennel is one of my favorite oils for its many effects on the digestive system. I often suffer from a “nervous stomach” and feel queasy when called upon to ‘perform’ in public in any way. ONE DROP (Essential oils should only rarely be taken internally, and then only ONE DROP should be taken.) of Fennel on my tongue always settles me and lets me face the world with a confidant smile.

Fennel essential oil is excellent for digestion, gas, nausea, and stomach cramps. It is a gentle laxative and can help prevent stomach ulcers. Fennel has a subtle rejuvenating effect and can be very effective for seasickness and jet lag.

The diuretic properties of Fennel make it useful for weight loss, cellulite, and gout. These conditions can all be helped with a massage oil or bath salt containing Fennel, which can also speed the healing of bruises and brighten dull, oily skin.

Fennel detoxifies the liver, which makes it helpful in treating hangovers and alcohol poisoning. Indeed, Medieval lore credited Fennel with treating poisoning of all sorts, keeping away evil spirits, improving eyesight, hearing, and longevity.

For women, Fennel has been found to be very estrogenic, meaning it can help with the manifestations of PMS and menopause. It also increases breast milk for nursing mothers. Care should be taken not to overuse it though, as Fennel is too strong for young children, and an excess of it coming through the breast milk to the infant can be harmful.

Other physical properties of Fennel are that it is antispasmodic , antibacterial, warming, and expectorant. These qualities make it helpful in treating asthma and bronchitis. A few drops blended with Eucalyptus globulus and diluted in Sesame oil can be rubbed on the chest to ease the symptoms of respiratory complaints.

Emotionally, Fennel imparts courage, strength, and creativity. It clears both mental and emotional blockages; helping one to communicate clearly and confidently. Fennel eases fears of failure and feelings of overwork, thus increasing productivity.

Fennel essential oil is featured as part of our Clarity, Healing, and Shapeshifter Aromatherapy Blends.

WARNING: not to be used during pregnancy, on children under the age of 6, by those with endometriosis or any other estrogen sensitive condition, or by epileptics.

Always dilute your essential oils in an unscented carrier oil like Sesame or Jojoba. Do not take essential oils internally. Always store essential oils out of heat and sunlight. Keep essential oils away from children and pregnant women.

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