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Headache Comforter

Headache Comforter

Kamala's Own

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This is a blend I have been making for over 20 years.  I recently improved it so that it addresses migraines as well as tension headaches.  Many people say that it has improved the quality of their lives.  It is meant to be used by putting a drop under your nose and gently rubbing another drop into your temples. The major ingredients are Lavender and Roman Chamomile.

I love your Headache Helper!! After stuggling to fall asleep for a nap with a raging headache this afternoon, I put a drop on my wrists and rubbed them together then laid down with my wrist in front of my face and was asleep in moments. Headache gone when I woke up. Thank you! :)—AR, Nebraska

Thank you dear lady! I’ve had a stubborn migraine for weeks that no prescription medication was slightly helping. Your headache relief took it away immediately!!! 💕—MWR, Illinois 

Always dilute your essential oils in an unscented carrier oil like Sesame or Jojoba. Do not take essential oils internally. Always store essential oils out of heat and sunlight. Keep essential oils away from children and pregnant women.

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