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Heart's Ease

Heart's Ease

Kamala's Own

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Imagine you have lost a person dear to you, whether by death or a breakup.  The space which used to be occupied by that person in your heart and in your day to day life feels empty.  You grieve. You rage. You blame yourself. You blame them. Your heart needs easing, and that's the gift that this soap helps you give to yourself. 

 Something magical happens when Heart's Ease meets water for which I have no explanation.  It transforms into a scent even more rich and beautiful than it is in the bottle or on the skin.  The major ingredients are Vanilla and Tansy.  Enjoy it in a bath salt or a diffusor for an even more comforting experience.

On the occasions when I come home from a day feeling like I never want to deal with any human again, I take a bath with Hearts Ease bath salts and I'm able to let go of the attitude and relax.—BH, Illinois 

There are so many to choose from. My first, and most favorite, is Heart's Ease. It always lifts my spirits when I'm down with it's nostalgic aura. I get many compliments on it. Some people pick up on the vanilla immediately, others love it but can't quite place it.—LC, Colorado 

From 1998-2000, I would come to you booth at the Ohio Renaissance Festival. My best friend and I would always wear Heart's Ease or Potion of Luuv. My dear friend passed in December from cancer. I bought Heart's Ease not long after. Her youngest daughter mentioned needing to find her smell when she worked at renfair. I gave her the Heart's Ease last night and she broke into happy tears. It truly heals the heart. Thank you. --LH, Ohio


I received some of this as a gift (the soap and the oil) a few months ago when a dear friend suddenly passed and we were coping with that loss. I found it to be very comforting and soothing. Then I lost the love of my life... so I have been leaning on the Heart's Ease to help me through it. It really is a comforting aroma and I have appreciated having it with me to help me through these difficult times 💕 I definitely plan on keeping this on hand for regular use and recommend it to anyone who needs any kind of comfort 😌 Thank you!—AG, Virginia