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Kamala's Own

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From the rowdy pantheon of Greek gods comes the quiet, chaste authority of Hestia. She is both the oldest and youngest of the offspring of Cronos, as she was the firstborn, but the last to emerge after he ate his children and was forced to vomit them up again later. She is the goddess of the hearth fires, which means she rules over both the home and the larger community. There were very few temples to her in Ancient Greece as all hearth fires were considered her sacred altars. 

My tribute to Hestia begins with the smoke from her sacred fires and cleansing Rosemary. It continues with offerings of Figs, wine, and chaste tree berries. Finally, it deepens with Myrrh. The full effect is one of extreme sweetness with an undertone of fire and sacred herbs. This is a scent which describes quiet strength. 

I just received my order..❤it!
Have to share..My oldest(23 male) says it smells like grapes, I rolled some on my wrist and.. he said that is the best perfume he had ever smelled. He came downstairs 20 minutes later just to smell my wrist as he was talking with his girlfriend about it.
The scent is hard to describe because it keeps changing... I have been wearing Wanderer's Way since the 90's but Hestia might be my new scent. Absolutely love it!—-LW, Illinois