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I’m Worthy!

Kamala's Own Perfumery

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Envision a time when you have achieved something in your life which makes you proud, even if it’s just living through trauma. Are you confident? Yes. Do you have a sense of purpose and direction? Definitely. Are you fulfilled by your achievement? Possibly. But there’s something missing in your soul and it’s very tough to pinpoint what it is. It’s not quite imposter syndrome. It’s something more insidious. It’s a feeling of worth: of being worthy of your own talents and accomplishments. 

I have recently felt this lack and I’m guessing that you have, too. I made this blend to inspire that belief in your own self worth. It’s an aromatherapy blend which means that it contains pure essential oils diluted in Jojoba oil which I have chosen for this particular purpose. I’m Worthy! begins with bright Bergamot and Palo Santo to brighten your perspective. It develops into  an introspective blend of several different kinds of Frankincense to help you truly see your own worth. Finally, the base note of Amyris and Australian Sandalwood helps you ground yourself in your own self esteem.