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Kamala's Own Perfumery

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One morning during late 2022, I woke up with a name echoing in my brain. KESHARA. It was from a dream I’d been having, but all I could remember of the dream was the name, and that in the dream, she was my daughter. I also had a fairly vivid image of her in my dream, which was quite leonine. 

I looked up the name and found possible references to the Bobangi language of Africa, and to Hebrew. It may mean  lion, but I’m really not sure, from what I’ve found. 

What I do know is that the dream inspired me to create this perfume blend which I think of as a beloved young woman. It’s quite complex. This beauty introduces herself with spicy Ginger. Then she proudly tells you her back story with a blend of florals led by Frangipani. Finally, she settles into harmony with you with precious Vietnamese Oud and Sandalwood. 

Love this!❤️ Keshara is a new favorite of mine. I got it for Mother’s Day and have been wearing it almost everyday since. So beautiful, I just love it!—MG, Illinois