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Kamala's Own

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Missy is the female regeneration of The Master in the television series Doctor Who. She dresses like Mary Poppins and carries a sonic umbrella. Missy is a villain who is always plotting mischief, pain, and world domination. She exults in being evil yet she is the only Time Lord other than the Doctor so she has a yearning to be close to him.  Missy loves to flirt with everyone, but especially the Doctor. We don’t so much love to hate her as much as we hate to love her. The sheer joy she takes in being evil is absolutely infectious and that captivates us.  In some moments, we even believe she has the capacity to become good. Her scent simpers with Wisteria and Narcissus. It snaps with citruses and Geranium. It purrs with tea and crumpets. Feel like mastering the world with your evil genius when you wear this amazing scent.