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Most Popular Sampler Pack

Kamala's Own

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CALYPSO: Feel the buoyant spirit of the islands when you wear our playful coconut-based scent.-

MOONSHADOW: The moon glistens silver on a stream in the forest. Mystery is everywhere when you wear our seductive combination of rose and vanilla.

SATYR: The stories swirling around this remarkably simple blend of Patchouli and Cinnamon are too numerous to tell here. Suffice it to say that both men and women of all sexual preferences have lured in willing partners with this scent.

CAP'N JACK: We have a wonderful Cap'N Jack character at the Colorado Renaissance Festival who inspired Kamala to try to make a scent which would express the magnetic and madcap character of Captain Jack Sparrow. She threw herself at this project and wasn't satisfied until her fourth version of this scent. It turned out to be her most complex blend yet. It starts with bay rum, musk, and tobacco and gets much more interesting from there. See if you dare to wear this one!

NAG CHAMPA: Kamala's own all-essential oil version of an immensely popular incense blend. Champa and sandalwood create a rare atmosphere of divinity, serenity, and love.

POTION OF LUUV: Potion of Luuv is a vastly popular blend which contains around 20 aphrodisiacs including Otto of Rose and Patchouli.