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Most Popular Sampler: Volume 2

Kamala's Own LLC

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I was making my Most Popular Sampler the other night and realized that all of the blends in it were creations from before the year 2000. There are many blends I’ve made in the past 20 years which have become incredibly popular and I wanted to showcase them in a sampler. Thus was born Most Popular:Volume 2. 

Bohemian Musk— For years, people have been asking me about a Vanilla, Patchouli, and Musk blend.  This is it. It's a subtle yet penetrating musk with a lot of staying power.  There is really nothing like it in my huge inventory.  

Hell in High Heels—Another in my expanding line of Doctor Who blends, Hell in High Heels is made for everybody's favorite psychopath River Song. The principal note in this blend is Narcissus, but it is a riotous mixture of musks and flowers designed to bring out supreme confidence and earthy sexuality in all women.

Fresh Lilac—like fresh, spring, blooming lilac bushes!

Merlin’s Pipe— New for the summer of 2016, Merlin's Pipe is a sweet, buttery, tobacco blend which has proven to mix well with many different body chemistries. It is appropriate for either sex. Upon its introduction, it sold out within weeks!

Wanderer’s Way is an oil blend I dreamed up about 15 years ago. Its major ingredients are Patchouli and Jasmine. In my mind, when I am making this blend, I see the campfire and the colorful, painted Roma  vardos, circled around it. I hear wonderful Roma music, like Tarif de Hadouks, and see uninhibited Roma dancers, with many colored scarves and veils flying around their bodies, dancing sinuously, their bodies seeming to imitate the leaping flames of the fire.

 This scent is strong and spicy to express that image. It has been a best-seller at the Bristol Renaissance Faire for many years.

Yennefer’s Potion— Greetings Witcher fans! I’ve done it! I tracked through desolate valleys, lush forests, and ruined cities (of my mind 🤣)and came up with the elusive gooseberry to concoct Yennefer’s Potion. Yes, this is the scent that stopped Geralt in his tracks. As described in the Witcher, it is a cunning blend of Lilac and Gooseberry. On me, it has an amazing ability to last through the night. Your results may differ.