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New Scents for 2020: The Profane

Kamala's Own

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The six new scents of 2020 included in this sampler are listed below.

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The Sacred.


FEARLESS—Kamala’s Fearless is the first new scent of 2020! Huzzah! This is a blend designed to make you feel more at ease in your own skin. Our modern world is full of things which can frighten us: from global issues like climate change to intimate personal issues like illness and death. The intent of Fearless is to be a comfort to your heart during times of stress, fear, and grief. Major ingredients are Vanilla and  Frankincense. Face the world bravely with Kamala’s Fearless. 

FORGIVENESS—After many an emotional storm comes the peaceful clarity of mind which leads to forgiveness. It can be a matter of minutes, hours, days, or years. Sometimes it’s an instant apology and sometimes it’s years of torturous emotional labor. Forgiveness is a moment of grace; an acknowledgment that a relationship means more to us than specific actions or words. Placing an increased amount of importance on the relationship can lead to moments of pure overflowing awe at the strength of the connections we are capable of building.

My aromatherapy blend for forgiveness is based in the comfort of Vanilla and the release of Vetiver. It leads you through the discomfort with pure Otto of Rose and Blood Orange. It is ignited by the purity of Palo Santo. Experience awe at our human connections with this new blend for 2020.

HOPE SPRINGS ETERNAL—This scent was made in the midst of the Covid 19 pandemic and social justice riots in America. It was tough for me to find the motivation to make a scent about hope but I also felt compelled to do so. In my struggle to embody this concept into a scent, I found inspiration in the lotus; the very symbol of my business. The lotus can only grow out of mud, and represents the process of growth from fear to enlightenment. I hold out hope that our nation embraces this growth.

Hope Springs Eternal manifests hope by telling the story of the lotus in scent. It begins with the earth itself: precious Mitti, woods, and resins. The dominant middle note is composed around the rare and beautiful white lotus itself with accents of rose and watery notes. It finishes with bright Bergamot and a chord of clarity.

I hope it will inspire you in dark times.

MISSY—Missy is the female regeneration of The Master in the television series Doctor Who. She dresses like Mary Poppins and carries a sonic umbrella. Missy is a villain who is always plotting mischief, pain, and world domination. She exults in being evil yet she is the only Time Lord other than the Doctor so she has a yearning to be close to him.  Missy loves to flirt with everyone, but especially the Doctor. We don’t so much love to hate her as much as we hate to love her. The sheer joy she takes in being evil is absolutely infectious and that captivates us.  In some of her most recent moments, we even believe she has the capacity to become good. Her scent simpers with Wisteria and Narcissus. It snaps with citruses and Geranium. It purrs with tea and crumpets. Feel like mastering the world with your evil genius when you wear this amazing new scent.

THROUGH THE DESERT—Through the Desert is a whirlwind of ingredients originally meant to go into my Anubis blend. I had wanted to make a desert scent but didn’t know what it would smell like. As I was blending Anubis, there were a lot of ingredients which seemed Egyptian or desert-like but they either didn’t fit the concept of that god or they didn’t fit the scent profile I was creating. I realized that those ingredients were what I wanted for Through the Desert so it was easy to create Through the Desert immediately after Anubis. 

This blend opens with a bouquet of Middle Eastern herbs like cumin and sage, then continues with a pure fantasy based in frankincense and myrrh. The base note is dominated by the ever popular Egyptian musk. On my skin, this is a very long lasting fragrance. 

YENNEFER’S POTION—Greetings Witcher fans! I’ve done it! I tracked through desolate valleys, lush forests, and ruined cities (of my mind 🤣)and came up with the elusive gooseberry to concoct Yennefer’s Potion. Yes, this is the scent that stopped Geralt in his tracks. As described in the Witcher, it is a cunning blend of Lilac and Gooseberry. On me, it has an amazing ability to last through the night. Your results may differ.