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Night Queen

Night Queen

Kamala's Own

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An extremely popular fragrance for many years, Night Queen is both fresh and musky at the same time.

“My favorites are the oils and incense. Especially Night Queen and Patchouli mix. Sandalwood is another favorite now too! Oh gosh...I also love the Rain and Patchouli Rose...it's so hard for me to be specific because your creations are all so wonderful!! If I could, I would have them all!! 💜”—LB, Colorado

I've been using your night queen blend for 15 years. I absolutely love it and get so many compliments on how good it smells. Haven't found anything close to the quality of your oils .—WC, Colorado 

I tend to lean more towards the earthy and spicey scents, but Night Queen has been a staple of mine for almost 2 decades. It has a beautiful exhilarating blend of floral notes that take you on a journey through a magical moonlit garden filled with hyptnotic florals and other unique notes that really speak true to the name "Night Queen". I definitely feel like a Night Queen wearing this perfume!—AB, Indiana