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Nose Training sampler One

Kamala's Own

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Viruses, head traumas, and other events can cause us to lose our sense of smell, a condition called anosmia.  Scientific research has found that the sense of smell can be retrained by sniffing a collection of scents from different families of aromas.  This is volume one of two sample packs meant to help you in this process.  You can also use these sample packs to help train your nose to understand the scent families as listed below.

The idea is to sniff each sample for about 10 seconds. Do this twice a day for several weeks, then switch to Nose Training Sampler Two. Even if you don’t have anosmia, this is a great way to learn about scent families and train your nose to recognize them. 

Here are links to articles which discuss this concept:

This sampler pack contains six samples of

essential oils meant to be sniffed to train

your nose to recognize scents.


The spice family is represented by Clove,

a strong, aromatic spice, sometimes used

in pain relief.


The flower family is represented by

Otto of Rose diluted in jojoba oil.

Known as the king of aromas, this is

a special treat from Bulgaria.


The fruity family is represented by

Lemongrass, which is not technically

a fruit, but it is a citrus fruit aroma.


The camphoraceous family is

represented by Eucalyptus globulus,

which can aid in respiratory relief as well.


The resinous family is represented by

Frankincense, an ancient aid to breathing

and meditation.


The earth family is represented by

Patchouli, a well known herb which

can help in grounding and centering.