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Orange, Sweet (Citrus sinensis) organic from USA

Orange, Sweet (Citrus sinensis) organic from USA


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The name Orange comes from the Sanskrit word ‘naranj.’ The Orange tree was brought to Europe in the 12th century by Arabian travelers and has been popular there ever since.

Orange essential oil has been used for centuries in China as a digestive remedy. It regulates peristalsis, eases abdominal pain, stimulates appetite, and helps indigestion. It can be used to stop flatulence, nausea, and is reported to help with Irritable Bowel Syndrome. It also improves the flow of bile, thus promoting liver health.

The familiar scent of Orange is reputed to help with water retention and obesity. it can be mixed into a bath salt or added to a body oil for this purpose. It is best mixed with Cypress or Fennel for this application.

Orange essential oil is also a boon to the skin. It is excellent in a blend for skin which has been oily in its youth, but is now aging and beginning to dry out. Orange softens calluses and smoothes the appearance of cellulite as well.

Orange essential oil is reputed to be antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, and antifungal. This makes it an fantastic additive to house-cleaning products and soaps. It also promotes expectoration and reduces fevers, making it helpful for flu and bronchitis. Orange essential oil can be diffused into a room using an aromalamp or blended with Fir essential oil in a massage oil to help a person breathe better and feel more positive.

The sunny scent of Orange instills a sense of joy and health. It has even been shown to stop heart palpitations. Orange can be used to ease tension, placate irritability, calm nerves, and soothe anxiety. It can also be used for insomnia, as it is a mild nerve sedative. Essential oil of Orange imparts a feeling of “letting go;” it allows people to be more adaptable and less controlling. Orange relieves feelings of self-consciousness. It also is a great aid for people who won’t ask for help, won’t delegate, get overworked and negative about life in general. It is gentle enough and pleasant enough to be used on children over the age of 10, especially when they are whining and crying.

Orange essential oil contains the chemicals limonene, citral, citronellal, geraniol, and terpinol.

Here at Kamala's Own, Sweet Orange oil is an ingredient in our Dreamrider perfume blend, our Serenity aromatherapy blend, and our Potion of Luuv blend among many others.

Always dilute your essential oils in an unscented carrier oil like Sesame or Jojoba. Do not take essential oils internally. Always store essential oils out of heat and sunlight. Keep essential oils away from children and pregnant women.

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