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Kamala's Own Perfumery

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Oshun is an Orisha from the West African Yoruba people. She is a goddess of flowing water: rivers, oceans, and springs. Her attributes are beauty and sensuality. She is also very wise, and you fail to listen to her ideas about all creation at your own peril. Anger Her and you are likely looking a hurricane or a tidal wave in the face.  Oshun reminds all you feminine creatures of the juicy talent found in the sway of your hips and the feeling of unity with the waters found in a toss of your hair. She reminds us that beauty can be as potent a teacher as hardship when we open ourselves to that lesson.

Take a deep breath. Allow yourself to enjoy the miracle that is your body; flaws and all. Flow with the goddess Oshun when you use this watery scent full of musks, myrrh, hibiscus, and ocean breezes.