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Kamala's Own

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Imagine you are walking through the woods. It is twilight and the shadows are deepening around you. Did that tree branch look exactly like that a moment ago? Was that faint music you heard? You suddenly have goose bumps. Something feels different. You have stepped into liminal space: the world of elves, faeries, animal spirits, and dragons. The Otherworld. In his enchanting new book, Chris Allaun gives a lovely description of the Otherworld along with exercises to transport you there and tips on how to communicate with its inhabitants. Otherworld the scent is made as a companion piece to the Otherworld book. The scent begins with a melange of green herbs, then leads you deeper with rare Elecampane and notes of dewdrops upon greenery. Finally, its roots appear with darkly sweet Tobacco and Oakmoss. Visit the Otherworld with this mystical scent.