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Oud (Aquillaria agallocha) from India

Oud (Aquillaria agallocha) from India

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Oud is the most unbelievably therapeutic essential oil there is. It has so many uses: physical, emotional, and spiritual, that it is difficult to even start discussing it. This magickal substance begins as a tree whose wood has been attacked by a specific fungus (a natural cycle). The fungus-infected wood is distilled into this precious substance known as Oud. The Agarwood tree grows in southern India and Southeast Asia.

To put it as simply as I can, smelling Oud opens and balances all your chakras at once. This sudden experience usually puts you out of your body briefly. Because of this effect, I do not let just anybody smell Oud when I am at an event. I must be convinced that the person is not on any other substance, and is properly grounded. I make people sit down and breathe before they smell Oud as it is truly a sacred experience.

I am happy to sell Oud by the drop, as it is so expensive. 

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