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Kamala's Own

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Persephone is the goddess of spring who spends half her time as the goddess of the underworld and wife of Hades. Her myth includes references to fields of flowers and to a promise made with a pomegranate. Her scent includes notes of fresh grass and spring Lilacs as well as deep Myrrh and earthy Vetiver to represent the underworld. 

Persephone is AMAZING! It has my husband’s full approval. The grassy and floral (Lilac) topnotes brighten the smoky/musky (Vetiver and Myrrh) bottom notes. It's very subtle, not overpowering, and sophisticated. One of my new favorites!! I really love the symbology of it too at this time of year... The balance between summer and winter...

The time of year Persephone in the myth would go back to her husband Hades in the Underworld and everything goes dormant and quiet. It's the resting part of the cycle. This expresses that duality beautifully. -MG, Nevada