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Potion of Luuv

Potion of Luuv

Kamala's Own

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Potion of Luuv has been around for over 30 years now. It is an alluring blend of the best aphrodisiac essential oils I know of. At one point, it was called Love Potion, but apparently, somebody holds the patent on that name, so I decided that the name needed to reflect the way in which everybody seems to pronounce it. After 30 years, stories abound about this oil blend. There have been numerous marriage proposals and even more numerous heads whipping around on the street. I always say that this oil blend does a very good job of attracting people to you, but YOU have to make the appropriate decisions about those people! This blend features ingredients like Patchouli, Otto of Rose, and Clove. 

I just received my Potion of Luuv from you and I LOVE iIT!!! I am SO SO SO happy I went to the Bristol Renaissance Faire in August, my intuition spoke very clear to me about going. I was told that I needed to go, for a specific item, that would change my life--and that's where I met you and your products. Oh my stars, you are a true healer! Your oils are the BEST I've ever had. Magical--life transforming--uplifting--soothing--and the list goes on.--NL, Illinois

This has been my go to for 20 years now. I literally get stopped by strangers, at least once a week (in the days when we could leave the house), and told how amazing it is.—CS, Colorado