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Primal Feminine

Kamala's Own

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I read this wonderful article about the Primal Feminine: the raw, untamed female experience, not the dainty, mincing stereotypical girly girl.  It inspired me to make a feminine scent based in earth and musk, whose only flower is the dusky Jasmine Sambac.  Warrior queens: here is your scent!  Read the article which inspired the scent.

Primal Feminine is a new favorite of mine. It's sultry and empowering without being overwhelming.—LF, Wisconsin 

I truly missed you this year at the Renaissance faire. I have had more compliments on the primal feminine.
Love love your products. —RM, Aurora, IL

A bit more "in your face" and strong. A tiny dab is enough. The sweetness of the Jasmine Sambac is a bit much for me at first (I don't care for cloyingly sweet perfumes), but it dries down to combine with musk for a really soft feminine scent. It turns a bit powdery one me, but I don't mind. It's really pretty, and VERY VERY feminine!—MG, Nevada