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Pumpkin Pie oil

Kamala's Own

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  • Many years ago, there was a scientific study which attempted to define a specific scent which would attract men to women. The scent which "won" the study was Pumpkin Pie. This is my own interpretation of a Pumpkin Pie scent. It is spicy and sweet. Many women have told me that men are indeed attracted to them when they wear it.

The mix of spices and Vanilla which make up Pumpkin Pie evoke memories of family gatherings and comfort. A version of this sort of sweet spice blend exists in all Western cultures, and seems to breathe the meaning of home into your very being. My Pumpkin Pie formulation includes a dash of musk, to make it last longer on the skin. 

"Thanks! I LOVE this pumpkin pie!"--RG, Ohio