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Sage, Spanish (Salvia lavandulifolia) from France

Sage, Spanish (Salvia lavandulifolia) from France

Kamala's Own

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Essential oil of Sage is a very strong anti-infectious oil which should be used with respect. It is excellent when diffused into a room for colds, flu, fevers, asthma, and bronchitis. A facial steam with Sage can help with acne, laryngitis, and general fatigue.

Sage is a stimulant for the brain, nervous system, and the metabolism. It also stimulates the circulatory system and can be used for arthritis, muscle aches, swelling, and menstrual cramps. It can help bring on a delayed period and thus, should not be used by pregnant women.

The anti-infectious properties of Sage make it helpful for dandruff. Put about 10 drops of Sage into a 16 oz. bottle of shampoo and shake well. In a week or two, you should notice a decrease in flakes, as well as increased hair growth.

On the emotional and spiritual plane, Sage is considered to be one of the most healing oils there is. It imparts a sense of safety, courage, and determination. Sage increases strength of will as it clears the mind and purifies the spirit. It is a potent antidepressant, and can ease inner turmoil; cleansing the psyche of the scars of past stresses.

Here at Kamala’s Own, we use Sage in many of our blends. Some blends including Sage are Queen, Anxiety Attacker, and Protection.

Do not use Sage with epileptics.

Always dilute your essential oils in an unscented carrier oil like Sesame or Jojoba. Do not take essential oils internally. Always store essential oils out of heat and sunlight. Keep essential oils away from children and pregnant women.

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