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Scottish Sampler Pack

Kamala's Own

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(6 samples of 6 scents made for the Outlander characters)

CLAIRE—I see Claire as the constant battle between head and heart experienced by many of us. She is intelligent, passionate, and resourceful (extremely! I'm not sure many of us would survive long in 18th century Scotland!).  She does not always make the right decisions, but like all of us, Claire is constantly analyzing and navigating thorny issues.  She is most definitely a survivor.  My scent for her incorporates the fact that she works with herbs along with a scene in which she uses the designer perfume L'Heure Bleu by Guerlain.  The major ingredients are Vanilla and Rose Geranium, but the scent is dominated by a mixture of fresh and bracing herbs.


FRANK— Frank is a brilliant historian who works for MI6 during the second world war. Frank accepts Claire when she comes back to him from 18th century Scotland pregnant by another man, and stays with her while they raise that child even though he cannot believe that Claire has actually traveled through time. There is a basic goodness about Frank even though he, like all the other Outlander characters, is far from perfect. Frank's scent is modeled on popular men's colognes in England from the 1950's, with Tobacco and spices.  There is also a prominent note of Lavender which was both popular in the 50's and is also a callback to Frank's notorious ancestor Black Jack Randall.


JAMIE—This is my homage to the utterly romantic character of James Alexander Malcolm MacKenzie Fraser in the Outlander novels by Diana Gabaldon.  Jamie has so many aspects! He's a warrior, printer, smuggler, businessman, outlaw,horse whisperer, classical scholar, polyglot, and even a diplomat! One thing which is consistent about Jamie is his deep passion for the love of his life, Claire.  With all these elements of his personality, Jamie's scent is quite complex with a blend of manly musks combined with the outdoorsy scents of the Highlands like Elder and Heather, and spiked with hints of the battlefield like smoke, blood, and steel.


MURTAGH—Here is many people's favorite character from the earlier Outlander novels by Diana Gabaldon.  Murtagh is a taciturn kinsman of Jamie's who proves himself to be the epitome of the words loyal and devoted. He is a hardened warrior and priceless friend.  Murtagh's scent is much simpler than Jamie's but incorporates some of the same elements with mosses and grasses representing the highlands and a touch of Bay Laurel for his incredible bravery.


DOUGAL— To me, Dougal in the epitome of the warrior and true believer. He is devoted to his cause and will do anything for it. Although some would define him as a villain, I find more to admire in Dougal than to cast him as a straight villain. He is brave, strong, and passionate, even if his ethics are dubious at best. Dougal's scent is straightforward and masculine with musks and woods, with a hint of his tender heart beneath it all.


JENNY—Jenny is an homage to the fiery sister of Jamie Fraser in the Outlander novels by Diana Gabaldon. Jenny is practical and runs her household with an iron hand.  She is also a compassionate and protective matriarch who takes nonsense from nobody. Jenny's scent expresses Scotland with Heather and Elder along with a touch of Strawberry for the possible origin of the Fraser name.