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Kamala's Own Perfumery

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It is twilight, and things that you see may or may not be true. The sky is grey and dappled, like the sealskin which lies wrinkled upon the jagged rocks. The waves crash with foamy explosions on those rocks as a nude woman walks towards the sealskin and picks it up. She steps into it and seems to disappear.  In her place is a sleek, strong seal, who slides into the ocean with almost no trace.

She has waited many years for this moment, carefully planning her escape from the man who hid her skin and thus, captured her. She had come to love him in a detached way; making the best of a captive situation. She had borne him children and maintained a peaceful home. However, she was always planning to leave.  Now she is gone and she has no regrets whatsoever. She is joyfully swimming back to her true heart family of seals. She is the Selkie.

My scent for the Selkie is new for 2022. It enchants you with musks and leather, but never stops reminding you of its origins with notes of ocean and seaweed.   Feel the call of the sea when you wear this unique and subtle scent.