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Sorcerer’s Apprentice

Kamala's Own

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1 tin of 6 samples


As many of our customers are into spiritual practices, we have decided to offer a package of aromatherapy oils designed to assist with basic skills.

SANCTUS: Sanctus is an oil of purification. Charge the oil with your intent and apply a few drops on tools, altars, or the space in which you will be working. Sanctus can be diluted with a pure vegetable oil to make it go farther.

PROTECTION: Protection is designed to protect one from general feelings of threat from outside sources. Charge the oil with your intent and apply to items which need to be protected, such as doorways for a space or clothing for a person.

MEDITATION: Meditation contains oils, such as sandalwood and myrrh, that are supposed to assist with mental activity. It helps calm and center the mind while improving concentration. Charge the oil with your intent and apply one drop to the third eye (between your eyes). It could also be diffused during ritual. The best method for this would be to oil a candle that will burn the desired length of meditation time.

FOCUS: Focus is an oil to assist you in defining intent of a prayer. Unlike Meditation, which assists in stilling the mind, Focus provides clarity when setting the desired outcome. Charge the oil with your intent and smell the oil right out of the bottle while creating a spell or prayer.  This is a good oil to diffuse when you need better concentration for any task, magical or mundane.

VISIONARY: The intent of Visionary is to help you journey and see visions. Charge the oil with your intent and smell when you are ready to begin. Taking a Visionary bath prior to vision work is highly recommended. Do not drive for at least 20 minutes after using this oil!.

GROUNDING: Grounding oil is meant to keep the practitioner firmly connected to the earth. Charge the oil with your intent and diffuse it into the air as you close your ceremony and for some time afterward. This will bring you back into the physical realm. However, Grounding can also be worn to provide a tether during deeper work or during meetings with your boss. In fact, all of these oils, except Visionary, could be worn in the real world to provide spiritual support in fragrant form.