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Tea Rose

Tea Rose

Kamala's Own

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Tea Rose is a synthetic rose blend which I make to be a gentle, Victorian type rose scent.  It is one of my most popular blends.

Numerous years ago my dear friend got me your 'tea rose' roll on scent when we were at the Bristol Renaissance Faire. I had put it in the purse I used that day & forgotten to remove it when I put that purse away later that week. I recently found it again and am overjoyed! Your little bottle of this wonderful scent is in my opinion, the most accurate to the perfection of what a tea rose smells like. My grandfather grew prize winning roses, your scent brings back joyful, loving memories. I have been searching for the most accurate scent, disappointed that I can't find it. When I re-found this little bottle, my heart was filled with joy!--LA, Illinois