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That 70's Sampler Pack

Kamala's Own

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This is the sampler kit for some of Kamala’s Own™ blends in which the major note is patchouli. Included in this pack are the following oils.

DRYAD: Trees, such as sandalwood and cedar, envelop you in their steadfast embrace when you wear our rich, earthy scent.

FUNKADELIC: This scent combines musks, fruits, and flowers with that most funkadelic of scents, patchouli, to create an earthy, groovy scent.

WANDERER’S WAY: This passionate perfume combines patchouli with resins, spices, and flowers for a best-seller that has lasted over two decades.

PARVATI: The passionate nature of the Hindu goddess of abundance and sexuality is invoked with sandalwood and frangipani.

SEDUCTION: This is a scent whose original creation dates back to 1985. Although the recipe has varied over the years due to availability of ingredients, this scent’s popularity has never waned. Many find this blend of patchouli and coconut uniquely enticing.

TEMPEST: Turbulent and warm, this patchouli- and frankincense-based perfume is sure to stir up some excitement.