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The Azure Veil

Kamala's Own Perfumery

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Envision a warm, pristine beach with sparkling white sand. That sand is soft between your toes as you walk into the azure water.  You are the only human there in that tableau of sea and sky. A seagull cries above you and you are momentarily mesmerized by the beauty of its flight.  Your gaze moves to the elegant swaying of the beach grasses in the light breeze. You allow yourself to be carried off your feet and flow with the waves. An overwhelming feeling of unity with all plants and animals fills your being as you float in the water. All is peaceful solitude and effortless content.

This is the world of the Azure Veil; a veil which floats through the air like undulating water. The scent is unmistakably blue; both in color and in fragrance. Comforting Blue Chamomile calms your being while musks and other flowers surround you with ease.