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The Crimson Veil

Kamala's Own Perfumery

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As our belly dancer continues her dance, she reaches for the Crimson Veil which has been tucked into her bejeweled belt. This veil is a deep red with burnt edges. The dancer seems enraptured by this veil as it floats in and out of her grasp. Carried by the dance of gravity and physics, this veil flies through the air like a smoky Phoenix. It carries the ecstasy of feminine power and strength with it, lifting the illusion of the dominant patriarchy as it flutters and floats seemingly without structure or support.

The Crimson Veil scent is built on a deep bed of musks and fortified with Dragon’s Blood and Black Cherry. It wraps all these aromas in a cloud of smoke. This is a truly unique scent which must be sampled on the skin to be understood.