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The Emerald Veil

Kamala's Own Perfumery

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As our belly dancer shimmies and twirls, the Emerald Veil floats around her. Sweet musks waft from this veil and you find yourself falling into a daydream. In your dream, you are in a desert, but you have found a lush, green oasis with fig and almond trees. There is a woven tapestry glinting with gold on the ground, with bowls full of figs, almonds, yogurt, and flatbreads. You sit and eat, surrounded by trees, ferns, and other greenery. All is peaceful, warm, and green. As you taste the simple food, you experience a pure happiness which comes from your senses. You realize that happiness is not about money, success, or status. It comes from within. As you settle into this knowledge, you emerge from your daydream  and see the dancer with her Emerald Veil again. You notice a hint of Clary Sage in the air. Clary Sage is known as “the oil of laughter.” You smile and know that you can continue to carry this feeling with you by remembering the Emerald Veil.