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The Morrigan

Kamala's Own

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The Morrigan is the Irish goddess of war, death, prophecy, and fate. Flying high above the bloody battlefield, she is the shape shifting Phantom Queen. The Morrigan can appear as a crow or as a raven. She appeared to the Irish hero Cu Chulainn as a milk cow and as an eel. There are many stories about her, and she has been depicted as part of a triple goddess of the life cycle as well. She is associated with rivers and lakes.

My scent tribute to her opens with the strong, smoky tang of battle, giving way to elements of water and Irish Heather. The Morrigan’s scent finishes with a blend of moss, milk, and musk. This is truly a scent like no other. It is at once bold and mysterious; brash and earthy. 

I just want to let you know that the Morrigan scented oil is gorgeous and i love it.—CD, Illinois 

I love everything! I'm so glad you are around. I get compliments on everything. I wear Wanderer’s Way at work, Fairy Queen to choir practice, Thoth to study and Morrigan for strength/ protection. I am so happy.
Thank you
JJ, Fairbanks, Alaska