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The Norns

Kamala's Own

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It is twilight in an ancient Norse village. A young woman screams in childbirth. Soon she quiets and the cries of her baby are heard. Her neighbors bring her a special kind of porridge called Norn porridge to wish her child a happy life. According to their belief system, the Norns are three divine women who weave the fates of humans. Sources are vague about whether they are giants, gods, elves, or dwarves.  They are definitely not entirely human. They represent the past, that which is coming into being, and the future. 

The Norns live next to Yggdrasil, the world tree, and are tasked with watering it from a divine well. They are very powerful beings since they control destiny. People have often invoked the Norns to be merciful to them in difficult times and give them a joyful life. 

My scent for the Norns references the great tree Yggdrasil with Oakmoss and Black Spruce. It sends up a prayer for peaceful lives for us all with Tonka and Linden flower.