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The Saffron Veil

Kamala's Own Perfumery

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As our primal belly dancer continues her Dance of the Seven Veils, the drums sound louder and faster. Her feet stomp out the rhythms with a warrior's intensity. She pulls out the scarf which has been tucked into her coin encrusted bra with a big, bold movement, and manages to create an illusion of fire blazing around her with its red and saffron colors. Her audience is captivated and loses all sense of time and space as she dances.

This is the world of The Saffron Veil.  You will notice a spicy, citrus explosion leading into a striking blend of Frankincense and grassy notes. As the fragrance matures on your skin, you will be beguiled by the the mixture of Sandalwoods and Patchouli which form the base note of this compelling blend.