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The Seven Veils Sampler Pack

Kamala's Own Perfumery

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Welcome to the Dance of the Seven Veils.

This is a story told in movement and scent.

The Seven Veils Sampler pack contains a tiny sample vial of each of the Seven Veils perfume oil blends. Their descriptions are below. The sample pack comes with these descriptions on an enclosed sheet for your convenience.

THE AMBER VEIL—Welcome to the primordial world of what we now call the belly dance. One of many cultures is just taking root in what we now call the Middle East. Women are learning how to care for their bodies with sinuous movements designed to help them in childbirth. The dancer loses herself in her dance, becoming entranced in the rhythms and in how her body responds to them. This trance takes her to a realm where she is one with the unknowable Divine; a realm beyond religion and beyond words. 

The Amber Veil is born in this space; invoked in musks and Ambers, brought forth on a bed of Olive leaves, and seasoned with Almond and with Black Pepper. The scent is rich in Amber, of course, but has an ineffable tang of fruit in it. The Amber Veil floats through the air, inviting you to connect with the Divine. 


Envision a warm, pristine beach with sparkling white sand. That sand is soft between your toes as you walk into the azure water.  You are the only human there in that tableau of sea and sky. A seagull cries above you and you are momentarily mesmerized by the beauty of its flight.  Your gaze moves to the elegant swaying of the beach grasses in the light breeze. You allow yourself to be carried off your feet and flow with the waves. An overwhelming feeling of unity with all plants and animals fills your being as you float in the water. All is peaceful solitude and effortless content.

This is the world of the Azure Veil; a veil which floats through the air like undulating water. The scent is unmistakably blue; both in color and in fragrance. Comforting Blue Chamomile calms your being while musks and other flowers surround you with ease. 


As our belly dancer continues her dance, she reaches for the Crimson Veil which has been tucked into her bejeweled belt. This veil is a deep red with burnt edges. The dancer seems enraptured by this veil as it floats in and out of her grasp. Carried by the dance of gravity and physics, this veil flies through the air like a smoky Phoenix. It carries the ecstasy of feminine power and strength with it, lifting the illusion of the dominant patriarchy as it flutters and floats seemingly without structure or support.

The Crimson Veil scent is built on a deep bed of musks and fortified with Dragon’s Blood and Black Cherry. It wraps all these aromas in a cloud of smoke. This is a truly unique scent which must be sampled on the skin to be understood.  


As our belly dancer shimmies and twirls, the Emerald Veil floats around her. Sweet musks waft from this veil and you find yourself falling into a daydream. In your dream, you are in a desert, but you have found a lush, green oasis with fig and almond trees. There is a woven tapestry glinting with gold on the ground, with bowls full of figs, almonds, yogurt, and flatbreads. You sit and eat, surrounded by trees, ferns, and other greenery. All is peaceful, warm, and green. As you taste the simple food, you experience a pure happiness which comes from your senses. You realize that happiness is not about money, success, or status. It comes from within. As you settle into this knowledge, you emerge from your daydream  and see the dancer with her Emerald Veil again. You notice a hint of Clary Sage in the air. Clary Sage is known as “the oil of laughter.” You smile and know that you can continue to carry this feeling with you by remembering the Emerald Veil. 


As our primal belly dancer continues her Dance of the Seven Veils, the drums sound louder and faster. Her feet stomp out the rhythms with a warrior's intensity. She pulls out the scarf which has been tucked into her coin encrusted bra with a big, bold movement, and manages to create an illusion of fire blazing around her with its red and saffron colors. Her audience is captivated and loses all sense of time and space as she dances.

This is the world of The Saffron Veil.  You will notice a spicy, citrus explosion leading into a striking blend of Frankincense and grassy notes. As the fragrance matures on your skin, you will be beguiled by the the mixture of Sandalwoods and Patchouli which form the base note of this compelling blend.


After the exertions of The Saffron Veil, it's time for our dancer to slow down and catch her breath for the grand finale of The Seventh Veil.  She executes a delicate grapevine step back and forth across her stage as she slowly unwinds The Violet Veil from her arms. Skillfully, she draws our attention to her snakelike arms as she arches and stretches her torso.  Her grace and mastery of this art form arouse both our bodies and our minds as we sway with the music and marvel at the timeless goddess power before our eyes.

The Violet Veil begins with a sweet, delicate blend of peaches and plum.  Then it lives up to its name with a waft of Violets, Lilacs, and other spring flowers. Finally, its subtle strength emerges in a base note of musks and dark Amber.


Our belly dancer has paced herself with the gentle movements of the Violet Veil, and now the drums speed up again for her grand finale: The Seventh Veil. Her hips keep pace with the drums in a rapid shimmy as her arms reach toward the heavens, seemingly questing for divine connection. Distracted by these movements, her audience doesn't quite notice how it happens, but the veil which has been wrapped around her lower face unwinds as of its own volition. Every dancer of any genre creates their own path, but tonight's dance of the Seven Veils seems to have encompassed many worlds in its varied styles.

The Seventh Veil introduces itself with fruit and spice, then immediately transports you with precious Rose Absolute and sacred Omani Frankincense.  As this scent develops, it only goes deeper with Oud and Sandalwood. This elegant blend has a narcotic strength to it which will take you by surprise.