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The Seventh Veil

Kamala's Own Perfumery

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Our belly dancer has paced herself with the gentle movements of the Violet Veil, and now the drums speed up again for her grand finale: The Seventh Veil. Her hips keep pace with the drums in a rapid shimmy as her arms reach toward the heavens, seemingly questing for divine connection. Distracted by these movements, her audience doesn't quite notice how it happens, but the veil which has been wrapped around her lower face unwinds as of its own volition. Every dancer of any genre creates their own path, but tonight's dance of the Seven Veils seems to have encompassed many worlds in its varied styles.

The Seventh Veil introduces itself with fruit and spice, then immediately transports you with precious Rose Absolute and sacred Omani Frankincense.  As this scent develops, it only goes deeper with Oud and Sandalwood. This elegant blend has a narcotic strength to it which will take you by surprise.